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My name is Lucie Vendlova and I’m from Prague. My first performing show happened when I was really small, I hardly remember it... I was preparing dance shows, stories or songs for my Teddy bears, we just loved it! I remember that my mother did not give such an importance to it, she was laughing and calling me 'The actress'. As soon as I could, when I was 17 years old, I started to travel around the world to learn the arts of different countries, with free expression.

As a first technique, I fell in love with the Banethi Indian martial art, using the fighting sticks, and so I discovered the fire show. Afterwards, in my life arrived theater, contemporary dance, acrobatics, juggling, music, singing, construction of scenographic structures, fire equipment, costumes.

Today I am 34 years old ... and I have not changed. I am still full of ideas to be concretized and an eternal list of activities to be learned. My Teddy bears became living people and my mother found the answers for her questions. 17 years have passed since then and in all this time I never stopped to be amazed, be curious and fall in love with different kinds of techniques and arts.

In 2008 I founded the company Spirals Fire together with Sujati, later the company Clam Parade, Vulcano Fire show, Compagnia Tandem and have done various artistic collaborations (I Chicchi d’Uva, Andrea Battisti, Anton Lumi Bonura, Carolina Amoretti, Annalisa Michelucci, Gaia Atmen, Dario Cerrato, Chandy de Falco)...

Igniferi was my last creation under the direction of Anton Lumi Bonura (Il Drago Bianco) in the year 2017. The show is called "The Alchemy of Fire”.

Workshops, courses and inspirations carried out in the last years –

Jef Johnson - Clown, interpretation and presence, Carolina Amoretti - contemporary and modern dance, Anton Lumi Bonura - stage and body presence with fire, Franca Pampaloni - accordion, piano, Daniele Sardella - Biotransational approach, Fluid acrobatic dance, Annita Conti - floor work, contemporary dance, Daria Greco, Gabriela Maiorino - contemporary dance, Cie Zenhir - acroportes with Fighting Monkey method and Andrea Cerrato, Daniele Sorisi, Alessandro Maida, Francesco Sgrò - acrobatic dance.

Special thanks to my mum, Sujati, Andrea, Lumi, Nicole and to all my big and extraordinary family for always having supported and loved me.