Lucie Vendlova, a creative performer, was born in Prague, Czech Republic in 1984. Her artistic research began already in childhood, by doing dance and theater shows for her plush animals…

Since she was a child she studied piano, attended the ‘Sedm slov’ teens theater in Prague and has always been attracted by cars and structures.
In 2002 she started studying Banethi national martial art in India and discovering the performing arts. From 2003 until today, her main passion has become the art of Fire. She developed a deep understanding of the effects and behaviour of flames. Over the years she has dedicated herself to various creative techniques such as: dance, theater, objects and tools manipulation, music and singing, tailoring, working with leather, wood and metals to create costumes, equipment and scenography for shows.

Her research in the body language is based on techniques from different styles of dance, postural studies and martial arts. In 2014 she began the educational path as an instructor of small circus students. In 2018 she wrote the didactic method project for performing visual arts training and she began to apply the method to shows and to train the first artists.